Professor Anatoly Dokumentov
    Anatoly Dokumentov began his career at the age of 14 with a public performance at the Concert Hall of Moscow Conservatory. With the privilege of studying with Professor L.N. Oborin, Dokumentov built a reputation as a masterful performer and an internationally acclaimed composer. 
    He has written operas, symphonic compositions, chamber works, and piano music. His sacred music has been performed in the Vatican City and his quartet pieces celebrated in Sweden and Denmark. His composition for 8 pianos "Granger phantasy" was part of Steinway Spectacular concerts in Melbourne Hamer Hall and Sydney Opera House. He has performed with notable conductors including Yury Aranovich, principal conductor of Cologne Orchestra, Germany, and with soloists from the Bolshoi Theater in Russia. 
    More than 30 years teaching experience. Conducted many masterclasses including masterclasses in Monash University and Melba Conservatorium of Music (Melbourne, Australia). More than 60 students graduated from Anatoly Dokumentov. They graduated performing highest difficulty compositions, for example, concertos by P.Tchaikovsky (first), S.Rachmaninov (first, second, fourth, Rhapsody), S.Prokofiev (first, second, third), F.Chopin (first and second), F.Liszt (first and second) etc. He published many scientific works on piano teaching. Anatoly Dokumentov is internationally renowned piano performer and composer. 

Nataliya Seliverstova

    Nataliya Seliverstova is a performing pianist and a senior lecturer. She has 30 years of university teaching experience. More than 150 students graduated from Nataliya Seliverstova. She is a Laureate of the National Piano Competition (piano duet with Anatoly Dokumentov). Nataliya had postgraduate studies at Moscow Pedagogical Institute. She has more than 15 published scientific works on piano teaching.